Update 2/14/18

Maciner a posted Feb 14, 18

Welcome back! Hopefully we are here to stay. Later on in the day, I will be posting staff applications with a forum thread to hire more staff members. Anyway, let's get on today's small changelog.

UPDATE 2/14/18

[*] Migrated from PermissionsEx over to Luckperms 
[*] Migrated from the outdated Essentials to EssentialsX 
[*] Updated RepairPlus 
[*] Updated KitPreview
[+] Players no longer lose hunger in the lobby 
[+] Added Interview Room in Discord


Maciner a posted May 8, 17


I believe I am also speaking on behalf of our staff team. We apologize for being inactive for the past week or two, and are going to try our best to get the ball rolling so we have more players and user interaction. I will try to release a new update this week as well, but am not sure what exactly to add. If you have a custom, original idea, please post it in the suggestions and it may be added! If your idea is plagarized, you will be permanently banned from the server, and IP banned from the forums. Meanwhile, we do have some performance updates. Check them out.

[+] Upgraded servers at the Dallas datacenter (courtesy of Anvilnode)

[+] Some server optimization

The official server version is v0.4.5817.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!


SC Staff Team

Update 4/23/17

Maciner a posted Apr 23, 17
Our first decently large update. Here's what's going on:

[+] Added Essentials GeoIP
[+] Added SignEditor
[+] Added DeepVanish
[+] Added CombatLogging
[+] Added StaffChat
[+] Updated Anti-Cheat
[+] Updated Buycraft
[+] Updated CrazyEnchants
[+] Updated TitleManager
[+] Updated ViaVersion
[+] Added rule: No DDoS/Dox threats
[+] Added rule: No TP Trapping
[+] Added Custom Enchantment shop
[+] Added Admin on Duty plugin by TheRedstoneGeek
[+] Added a Staff Guide (available online and .rtf)
[+] Added monthly mythical key (/kit mythical)
[*] Reloaded some configs
[*] Renamed JrMod to Helper
[*] Configured custom death messages
[*] Fixed chat-based announcer
[-] Removed StaffList
[-] Removed CrazyEnchants
[-] Removed the random announcement examples

TheRedstoneGeek | Player -> Developer
That's about it, folks. Thanks for reading the changelog, and have a wonderful day!
Server Version: v0.3.42317

Update 4/18/17

Maciner a posted Apr 18, 17

This is a very small update, but one well needed. Here are the changes.

[*] Decreased chance of receiving a donor rank by ~125%
[*] Appointed Cocknut as Staff Manager
[*] Closed all accounts that didn't link their Minecraft character

Cameron | Jr. Mod -> Mod
Vimptow | Player -> Mod

Updates will take affect upon next server restart. Promotions will be immediate.

Additionally, we will no longer be tolerating some questions regarding staff applications. Because of the recent "incidents", I may be creating a FAQ page sometime in the near future. In the meantime, please view my post under "News and Announcements" on the forums.


Update 4/6/17

Maciner a posted Apr 6, 17

Server Version: v0.2.4617

This is the second official release of our server! This update isn't a large one, but hopefully you'll like it, especially since we removed featherboard.

Here's what's going on:

[+] Added Multiverse

[+] Added MCBans

[+] Added chat announcements w/ JSON formatting

[*] Fixed /fly for staff (it's now /efly , thanks to TheFallen96 for helping us solve this issue!)

[*] Fixed some donation ranks

[-] Removed featherboard due to high demand

In addition to this update, it is now required before you register on the website, to have your minecraft character linked to your enjin account. This is because too many people don't know how to read my "HOW TO POST ON THE WEBSITE" thread that's a global announcement, as well as a stickied thread. Being asked in game how to post is getting overly obnoxious, so we're simply not going to reply any more. People that are already registered on our site and don't have their minecraft character linked to their account will be forced to link it before doing anything on this website. We hope this clears things up. 


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